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19. January 2013 07:41
by m

SilverFin: A James Bond Adventure

19. January 2013 07:41 by m | 0 Comments

Boasting 12 novels and 22 films, the Bond legacy continues to expand with Ian Fleming Publications authorizing the original "Young Bond" series of YA novels. In this adaptation of the first novel, Silverfin, we meet the 14-year-old newbie at Eton, bullied by a swaggery Yank kid who inevitably recalls Draco Malfoy. But young George Hellbore's only under the thumb of his truly malevolent dad, Lord Hellbore, who lives in a moat-ringed castle. As James makes friends and trains to improve his physical prowess--the better to keep George out of his hair--he learns that a local lad has disappeared near the castle. So against all reasonable advice, our future spy is off to find out what Hellbore has done with the missing kid.

VERDICT While the components and characters in this adventure offer few surprises, including a pretty young woman avatar for the older Bond's harem, Walker's excellent, semi-realistic color art offers limpid menace. More generally, the equally excellent pacing and storytelling as well as the nicely written dialog elevate this into a captivating read that will appeal to adults and teens.


By Martha Cornog

Martha Cornog is a longtime reviewer for LJ and, with Timothy Perper, edited Graphic Novels Beyond the Basics: Insights and Issues for Libraries (Libraries Unlimited, 2009)

[Source: Library Journal, 11/15/2010, Vol. 135 Issue 19, p55]

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