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The making of The Living Daylights

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The Making of The Living Daylights - Front Cover

The Making of The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights

For the 25th anniversary of the most successful film franchise in history, Cubby Broccoli's Eon Productions launched James Bond in a bold new direction with a spectacular globe-trotting adventure that showcased incredible stunts, gorgeous cinematography, and a smoldering romance set amongst elegant old world Europe and breathtaking vistas of Africa. Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew, and see how veteran director John Glen put together a mammoth effort to take the series back to its thriller origins, rooted by the casting of Timothy Dalton, a noted stage actor and fan of Ian Fleming's novels. Follow the complete history of the film, from the origins of Fleming's short story, through early drafts of the script (where James Bond was a brash young Lieutenant in the Royal Navy), through Pierce Brosnan securing the role then losing it, Dalton's last minute casting, pre-production, shooting, post-production, to the release and marketing of the film. Based on years of research, cast and crew interviews, access to original scripts, storyboards, production memos, call sheets, props, and more, this fascinating look behind the scenes features hundreds of never before published photographs, including a detailed look at deleted scenes.

Did you know the original screenplay of Bond XV was an origin story featuring a very young and unruly Bond who was in danger of being kicked out of the Navy, but brought into SIS and mentored by an aging 007? Or that the parrot seen briefly in the safe house kitchen scene used to belong to Bond girl Diana Rigg and was the same bird seen in For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only? Or that the on screen composer at the end of the movie is none other than Maestro John Barry himself, who at the end of the scene takes a bow for the scene, the film and the series?

Like The Making of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Charles Helfenstein's The Making of The Living Daylights is full of behind the scenes photographs, unused story ideas which crop up again in later Bond films - the sort of detail that 007 fans yearn for. The book should also appeal to anyone who is interested in film-making in general.

We eagerly await Helfenstein's next book.

Published by: Spies LLC
Date published: 10/05/2012
ISBN: 9780984412624
Available in Paperback
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