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The James Bond 007 Dossier

Bond, James Bond.

26. September 2013 09:11
by m

Playboy - Saving Bond's Women

26. September 2013 09:11 by m | 0 Comments

Playboy takes "A Loving Look at 007's sultriest Co-Stars", (which seems to involve little more than taking out all the same photos they showed us in July 1979, and then tacking some new ones on the end to include the Bond girls from For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only, OctopussyOctopussy and Never Say Never AgainNever Say Never Again); then challenges you to take the 007 sex quiz.

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01 playboy cover july 1983 james bond 007   02 playboy bond girls Ursula Andress topless   03 playboy bond girls 1960s   04 playboy bond girls 1970s Connery   05 playboy bond girls 1970s Moore   06 playboy bond girls 1970s Moore  
07 playboy bond girls 1980s Moore   08 playboy bond girls Maud Adams   09 playboy bond girls Carrera basinger   10 playboy 007 sex quiz   11 playboy 007 sex quiz   12 playboy 007 sex quiz Answers  


A tribute to 007’s beauties of the past-and a look at those you will be seeing this year.

Unless, like Rip van Winkle, you’re just coming up for air after an extremely long nap, you’re already aware that there’ll be two James Bond movies vying for screen space in 1983. It’s been 20 years since Sean Connery quaffed his first vodka martini (“Shaken, not stirred”) in Dr. NoDr. No, ten since Roger Moore took over with Live And Let DieLive And Let Die. Rumor has it that Moore’s kid thinks Connery is the real Bond. You can cast your own vote at the box office: Will it be Moore and Maud Adams in OctopussyOctopussy or Connery, Barbara Carrera and Kim Basinger in Never Say Never AgainNever Say Never Again?

At playboy, we’ve always felt a special affinity with Bond; you originally read several of Ian Fleming’s thrillers in our pages. In this pictorial celebration, we recall the beauties of Bond’s past, salute the newly arrived—and test your B.Q. (Bond quotient) with a quiz.

If you think you've seen some of these ladies on playboy's pages before, you're right. Among our earlier belles-of-Bond tributes (below); cover stories in November 1965 (left), July 1979 (right).

First of the spectacularly successful James Bond movies was Dr. NoDr. No (left), a 1963 release starring Sean Connery as Agent 007, the spy with a Licence To KillLicence To Kill, and the in-comparable Ursula Andress (reprised above), as a sweet young Jamaican girl by the name of Honeychile Rider. She reminded Bond of Botticellis famed Venus.

From Russia With LoveFrom Russia With Love, which came out in 1963, brought us Danieia Bianchi (below), as Corporal of State Security Tatiana Romanova, the girl on a mission from Moscow who fell for Bond. At right, the lady who has always been in Bond's corner: M's assistant. Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell).

Shirley Eaton was the unfortunate whose gilt trip was her undoing in GoldfingerGoldfinger (1964). Connery, again as Bond, got there too late to rescue those golden globes. Fresh from a roll in the hay, at right, is Honor Blackman, as the naughty lady who bore Fleming's most inspired moniker: Pussy Galore. At bottom right: Margaret Nolan, who gave Connery a poolside rubdown in GoldfingerGoldfinger.

One thing that struck us while taking this trip down the memory lane of our Bond files was how much time 007 spent having his back rubbed. There's one such scene in nearly every flick. Below, Connery and Claudine Auger in a poster for 1965's ThunderballThunderball that showed more Sean than usual.

Fleming's novel You Only Live TwiceYou Only Live Twice was first published in Playboy in 1964 (above); 1967's film featured Mie Hama (left), as Kissy Suzuki, Bond's diving-girl bride; Akiko Wakabayashi (below, with Connery), as Aki, secretary to top spy Tiger Tanaka (later done in by a poisoned thread), and Hisako Katakura (right), merely a passing fancy.

Diamonds Are ForeverDiamonds Are Forever, in 1971, was Connery's first return to Bondage. He swore he'd chucked the role after making You Only Live TwiceYou Only Live Twice, and the 007 film for 1969, On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceOn Her Majesty (also based an a thriller that premiered in playboy, back in 1963), starred George Lazenby. Lazenby actually looked more like the Bond described by Fleming, but audiences couldn't accept him and Cannery was rehired. Below and bottom left, he gambols in Vegas with Jill St. John, as Tiffany Case, and catches up an his reading in the tub. Hard to believe he was once a chorus boy in South Pacific. Below center and right, we bring you better looks at St. John and at Lana Wood, who played a brief Bond interest, Plenty O'Toole.

Roger Moore made his bow as Bond in 1973's Live And Let DieLive And Let Die, in which Jane Seymour, as Solitaire (above), refused to let her spirits be dampened by the machinations of the villainous Mr. Big (Yaphet Kotto). Also in Bond's bed, albeit not for long (left), was former New York City Playboy Club Bunny Gloria Hendry. There's a more glorious view of Gloria below.

The Man With The Golden GunThe Man With The Golden Gun appeared in playboy's pages in 1965 (above) and reached the screen, again with Moore, in 1974. Bond was fetchingly flanked (below) by Maud Adams (left), as Andrea, mistress of Scaramanga— the titular guy with the gat, played by Christopher Lee—and by Britt Ekland, as secretary Mary Goodnight (right). Far ten points, name another Golden Gun villain. (Answer: Herve "Tattoo" Villechaize.)

The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me, released in 1977, introduced Bond (Moore again) to Major Anya Amasova, played by the beauteous Barbara Bach (left). There was a Fleming book titled The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me, but it had jolly little to do with the film. Neither did the picture below of Miss Bach, except that it does depict Bondage. The film makers used their imagination, and so did famed photographer David Bailey, who shot Bach for a playboy layout.

MoonrakerMoonraker, which was launched onto the world's screens in 1979, teamed Moore with Lois Chiles (left), as Holly Goodhead. Hers, as for as we can tell, is not a name that sprung from Fleming's pen. Although he was surrounded by a batch of Bond beauties (right), Moore ended up making it in weightlessness with the chilly Chiles. Unfortunately for Bond fans, Corinne Clery (far right), a for more simpatico performer in the role of a helicopter pilot for bad guy Hugo Drax, got bumped off early in the flick. The movie Drax, played by Michael Lonsdale, wanted to breed a master race in space,- in the book, he was a rocketeer who cheated at cards at a private London club.

For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only, which came our way in 1981, showcased (from left) Max Vesterholt, Kim Mills and playboy's Be a James Bond Girl contest winner Robbin Young in minor roles and, as an ersatz countess, Cassandra Harris (with Moore below). Carole Bouquet was the leading Bondswoman in the movie, in case you'd forgotten. (Among the five short stories constituting the book For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only—no relation to the movie—was one. The Hildebrand Rarity, from playboy, March 1960. It was, in fact. Bond's debut in our pages.)

OctopussyOctopussy came out as a two-part novelette in playboy (right) in March and April 1966, two years after the authors death. The movie OctopussyOctopussy also draws from another Fleming story. The Property of a Lady, which ran in playboy's January 1964 issue. Roger Moore returns as Bond; his principal adversary, OctopussyOctopussy, is played by Maud Adams (below). She heads an all-girl army, which sounds promising. Also involved: a traveling circus, Faberge eggs and nuclear terrorism.

The title Never Say Never AgainNever Say Never Again is an obvious play an the repeated retirements of this film's star, Sean Cannery, from the cinematic Secret Service. Nonetheless, here he is again, back in the saddle with newcomer Kim Basinger (below and bottom) and the exotically lovely Barbara Carrera (right). This picture is loosely based on ThunderballThunderball and has Connery playing Band at his own age (52), Basinger reprising the Domino role and Carrera as 007 s sultry archnemesis, Fatima.

The 007 Sex Quiz


He was the spy who loved them let's see if you can remember how and why.

You can call it supply-side entertainment. A direct free-market competition between two classic James Bonds—-Sean Connery in Never Say Never AgainNever Say Never Again and Roger Moore in OctopussyOctopussy— to see once and for all who’s the biggest box-office draw. It's a challenge Agent 007 himself would love. Of course, there is something Bond loves as much as, if not more than, a challenge. Over the past 20 years, in 13 previous films, 007 has encountered some of the world's most beautiful women, and despite stiff competition from special effects and spectacular stunts, the resulting scenes have been among the most memorable in movies. We’ve designed a quiz to see just how much attention you were paying to those amorous adventures. The following multiple-choice questions cover some of Bond’s sexiest escapades, so grab a pencil and pour yourself a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred, of course). You'll find the answers and a way to tell how well you scored on page 196.

FROM Dr. NoDr. No (1962)

1.    Bond returns to his flat to find the beautiful Sylvia playing golf wearing only
A.    A pair of panties
B.    Bond's pajama top
C.    A small towel

2.    As Bond begins to seduce Miss Taro with a roving hand, she asks him, “What's going on
A.    Behind my back?”
B.    Beneath my dress?”
C.    Inside my blouse?”

3.    Why are Bond and Honey stripped naked by Dr. NoDr. No's staff?
A.    To pose for pornographic photos that will be used as blackmail
B.    To uncover hidden weapons
C.    To be cleansed of radioactive contamination

4.    In the film's final scene. Bond and Honey make out
A.    Underwater
B.    In a boat
C.    In M’s office

FROM From Russia With LoveFrom Russia With Love (1963)

5.    "Shaping up nicely," says Bond when he first sees what part of Tatiana's anatomy?
A.    Face
B.    Breasts
C.    Legs

6.    When Tatiana first sleeps with Bond, she looks for and finds what on his body?
A.    A sex organ
B.    Scratch marks
C.    A scar on his back

7.    Bond tells Tatiana. "It's just the right size...for me, that is." To what is he referring?
A.    Her vagina
B.    Her mouth
C.    Her bust

8.    When Bond beds Tatiana, he carries something with him, explaining that he has "a slight inferiority complex." What is it?
A.    A vibrator
B.    A gun
C.    A bottle of champagne

9.    Bond describes Kerim's love-making technique as
A.    “Very smooth”
B.    “Full of holes”
C.    “Too violent”

FROM GoldfingerGoldfinger (1964)

10.  How does Bond feel after bedding Jill Masterson?
A.    “Like a limp noodle”
B.    “Entirely satisfied”
C.    “Rather thirsty"

11.  Bond makes a comment about a bottle of wine that. Jill—in bed with him-—thinks refers to her body. What does he say?
A.    “It’s sopping wet”
B.    “Ready for a refill?”
C.    “It’s lost its chill”

12.  It is implied that Pussy Galore is a
A.    Transsexual
B.    Lesbian
C.    Nymphomaniac

FROM ThunderballThunderball (1965)

13.  Bond tells Fiona that he made love with her
A.    “For king and country”
B.    “To prove that I'm the real 007”
C.    “Because we both wanted it”

14.  What is 007s comment after he and Domino make out undersea?
A.    “The things I do for England”
B.    “And I thought I couldn’t swim”
C.    “I think we scared the fish”

15.  When Domino tells Bond he has "sharp little eyes" he replies:
A.    “All the better to appreciate vour sharp little...”
B.    “Wait till you get to my teeth”
C.    “I drink a lot of milk”

16.  At the spa, where does Bond make a pass at Patricia?
A.  On the traction table
B.  In the sauna
C.  In a steam cabinet

17.  What does Bond keep under his pillow while tumbling Fiona?
A.    A condom
B.    A box of tissues
C.    A gun

FROM You Only Live TwiceYou Only Live Twice (1967)

18.  Bond tells Ling that she ___ better than non-Chinese girls
A.    Tastes
B.    Smells
C.    Makes love

19.  What service do Tanaka's women provide Bond?
A.    Sexual intercourse
B.    A staged fight
C.    Bath and massage

20.  Why is Bond at first displeased with his new wife, Kissy?
A.    She is a lesbian
B.    She insists they sleep in separate beds
C.    She is not a virgin

21.  How does Bond use a surgical instrument on Helga?
A.    To cut off her dress
B.    To torture her
C.    To give her a shave


22.  Ruby writes her room number on Bond's
A.    Thigh
B.    Chest
C.    Buttocks

23.  Bond reacts by remarking:
A.    "Getting rather warm in here, I say”
B.    “Hope you have a big eraser”
C.    “I feel a slight stillness coming on”

24.  Why does Ruby scream with delight when Band drops his kilt?
A.    He. simultaneously rips off her nightgown
B.    He wears nothing underneath
C.  She’s never been with a man before

25.  What unfortunate thing happens as a result of Bond's sleeping with several of the women at Piz Gloria?
A.    His cover is blown
B.    Four of the women get pregnant
C.    A V.D. epidemic, breaks out

FROM Diamonds Are ForeverDiamonds Are Forever (1971)

26.  Caught by several henchmen while in the middle of amorous activities with Plenty O'Toole. Bond remarks:
A.    "I'm feeling rather high"
B.    "I’m afraid you've caught me with more than my hands up"
C.    "Easy come, easy go"

27.  Plenty is thrown out of a high-rise window, wearing only shoes and
A.    See-through panties
B.    A robe
C.    Nothing else

28.  Blofeld sees the bulge of a cassette tape hidden in Tiffany Case’s bikini bottom and says:
A.    “I say, Tiffany. Are you really a man?”
B.    “Take off your bottoms. Now!”
C.    “We’re showing a bit more cheek than usual”


29.  How does Bond use his magnetic watch on the first woman he sleeps with in this film?
A.    To hypnotize her
B.    To unzip her dress
C.    To search her body for hidden weapons

30.  What effect does Bonds initial lovemaking have on Solitaire (apart from robbing her of her virginity)?
A.    She becomes a lesbian
B.    She gives up smoking
C.    She loses her psychic powers

FROM The Man With The Golden GunThe Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

31.  What unexpectedly happens while Bond and Mary Goodnight make love in Scaramanga's bed?
A.    The bed is invaded by a crazed midget
B.    M and Moneypenny walk in
C.    Goodnight breaks out in a rash

32.  Scaramanga must always have sex with Andrea prior to
A.    Going to sleep
B.    Killing someone
C.    Smoking a cigarette

33.  Bond beds Goodnight while simultaneously telling M she is
A.    “Just coming, sir”
B.    “Getting a refill”
C.    “Taking it all in”

34.  Locked inside a closet. Goodnight spends the night listening to Bond
A.    Get tortured by three Amazon beauties
B.    Shoot pool
C.    Make love with Andrea

35.  While Bond makes love with a gorgeous blonde inside a log cabin. M instructs him to
A.    “Keep a 'stiff upper’”
B.    "Pull out"
C.    “Check in"

36.  When M catches Bond making out with Anya in Stromhergs escape capsule, Bond explains that he is just
A.    “Keeping the British end up
B.    “Doing what conies naturally"
C.    “Tying up loose ends”

37.  A U.S.S. Wayne crewman stares dumfounded upon entering the captain's quarters. What does he see?
A.    Bond and Anya making love
B.    Anya and Naomi making love
C.    A nude Anya taking a shower

38.  Aboard a plane. Bond makes out with a woman. As his hand creeps up her thigh, she remarks:
A.    “Quite an altitude we’re reaching, wouldn't you agree. James?"
B.    “Looking for anything in particular, darling?"
C.    “Any higher, Mr. Bond, and my cars will pop"

39.  On closed-circuit TV. M watches as Bond and Holly make love in a shuttlecraft headed for earth. Not watching, Q innocently explains that Bond is
A.    “Attempting re-entry"
B.    “Flying high”
C.    “Coming"

FROM For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only (I981)

41.  Whom does Bond find lying naked in his hotel bed?
A.    List
B.    Bibi
C.    Melina

42.  Bond responds by
A.    Joining her in bed
B.    Suggesting that they go skinny-dipping
C.    Offering to buy her an ice-cream cone


Here are the answers to The 007 Sex Quiz on page 94.

1. B    12. B    22. A    32. B
2. A    13. A    23. C    33. A
3. C    14. C    24. B    34. C
4. B    15. B    25. A    35. B
5. C    16. B    26. B    36. A
6. C    17. C    27. A    37. C
7. B    18. A    28. C    38. C
8. B    19. C    29. B    39. A
9. C    20. B    30. C    40. B
10. B    21. A    31. A    41. B
ll.C            42. C

SCORING Total your number of correct answers to see where you rank.

38-42 Excellent. Ian Fleming would be pleased. After this quiz, taking on Pussy, Kissy and Honey would be a snap.

30-37 Well done. Holly and Plenty would gladly have you. And vice versa, we’re sure.

20-29 Not bad, but you could do better. Perhaps you’ve been paying a bit too much attention to the gadgets.

10-19 Back to spy school. Even Bibi is disappointed.

0-9 Sorry. Rosa Klebb would like a word with you. Alone.

[Source: Playboy, July 1983, P.86-95. Copyright © 1983 Playboy. All rights reserved.]

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