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Bonding Your Wardrobe

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Playboy generally celebrates the release of a new James Bond film by filling up a few pages with photos of current and former Bond Girls in various states of undress, so I was surprised to see that with the release of GoldeneyeGoldeneye in 1995, Playboy showed some restraint and focused on the fashion. Specifically, the clothing worn by Pierce Brosnan in the film, and how you could recreate the look yourself. I'm no fashion expert, but I'm inclined to believe that if I wore any of these outfits today, I'd still look pretty sharp. Also of note, is the "how to buy" section, which just predates internet shopping and has to rely instead on phone numbers, how quaint! 

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Left: Our 007 look-alike hangs tough in a wool glen plaid two-button single-breasted suit (about $1500), a cotton shirt with French cuffs ($185), a silk tie ($85) and leather monk-strap shoes (about $400), all by Ralph Lauren Purple Label, plus a silk crepe pocket square ($20) and gold cuff links with moth-er-of-pearl inlays ($80), both by Tino Cosma, and socks by Polo Rolph Lauren (about $20).

Above: In GoldeneyeGoldeneye, Bond goes block-tie in this wool three-piece tuxedo by Brioni ($3150). We've paired it with a cotton tuxedo shirt by Luigi Borrelli ($275), a silk faille bow tie by Sulko ($50) and a silk pocket square by Robert Talbott (about $30), plus gold Playboy Rabbit Head cuff links by Butler & Wilson (about $60) and a watch by Cartier ($6000).

James Bond is back in GoldeneyeGoldeneye, and Pierce Brosnan comes off as the suavest 007 yet—thanks to his clothes. Whereas Timothy Dalton's 007 looked “soft” in the slouchy styles of the Eighties (when the previous Bond film was released), Brosnan’s wardrobe is elegant and refined—exactly what you might expect of a modern playboy. Of course, we’re not surprised that this ‘playboy look,” as it was christened by The New York Times in a fall fashion review, is hot. As evidenced by the outfits on our Bond wanna-be, suits and sports jackets with strong shoulders and trim silhouettes create an air of confidence and success. We like the latest two- and three-button single-breasted styles as well as three-piece models with high-button vests. We’re also glad to see that the navy blazer with gold metal buttons has returned. Try it, as we have, with an ascot. And for black-tie occasions, combine a dinner jacket and vest with a traditional tuxedo shirt and bow tie.

Opposite: Look familiar?

Pierce Brosnan wore this wool bird's-eye three-piece suit with double-pleated trousers by Brioni ($2950) in GoldeneyeGoldeneye, too. We've paired it with a cotton pique shirt with French cuffs, by Sulka ($225), a woven silk tie from Best of Class by Robert Talbott (about $100), a silk faille pocket square by Tino Cosma ($25) and leather wing-tip shoes by Kenneth Cole ($140), plus 18-kt.-gold oval cuff links by Cartier ($3800) and a stainless-steel Sea Master Professional Diver watch by Omega ($1750). Right: The nautically inspired navy blazer with gold buttons is back. This worsted-wool double-breasted model by Hart Schaffner & Marx ($325) is teamed with wool doublepleated trousers by Dimitri Couture ($295), a cotton shirt by Ike Behar ($165), a silk ascot by Robert Talbott ($90) and a stainless-steel Pasha Chronoreflex watch by Cartier ($6000).

BONDING YOUR WARDROBE Pages 130-133: Suit, shirt, tie, shoes by Ralph Lauren Purple Label and socks by Polo/Ralph Lauren, at Polo/Ralph Lauren. Pocket squares and cufflinks by Tino Cosma, 212-246-4005. Tuxedo by Brioni and shirt by Luigi Borrelli, at Neiman Marcus. Bow tie by Sulka, at Sulka. Pocket square by Robert Talbott, at Robert Talbott. Cuff links by Butler & Wilson, from Playboy catalog, item 5384, 800-423-9494. Watch by Cartier, 800-CART1ER. Suit by Brioni, at Neiman Marcus. Shirt by Sulka, at Sulka. Tie and ascot at Robert Talbott. Shoes by Kenneth Cole, 800-KEN-COLE. Cuff links and watch by Cartier, 800-CARTIER. Watch by Omega. 800-766-6342. Blazer by Hart Schaffner & Marx, at Nordstrom’s Midwest. Trousers by Dimitri Couture, 215-545-2850. Shirt by Ike Behar, at specialty stores.

[Source: Playboy Magazine, December 1995, P.130-133, 203. Copyright © 1995 Playboy. All rights reserved.]

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