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James Bond's A View To A Thrill

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In 1985 Britain's Computer and Video Games Magazine promoted the new game by Domark based on the film A View To A KillA View To A Kill in three back to back issues (Sadly, my copy does not contain the free giant pull out poster).

Play the View to a Kill computer game in the new James Bond 007 Arcade!

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01 Computer and Video Games Jul 1985 James Bond   02 Computer and Video Games May 1985 James Bond   03 Computer and Video Games Jun 1985 James Bond   04 Computer and Video Games Jul 1985 James Bond  
05 Computer and Video Games Jul 1985 James Bond   06 Computer and Video Games Jul 1985 James Bond   07 Computer and Video Games Jul 1985 James Bond  



“My name is Bond. James Bond. . How many times have you thrilled to these words!

They mean that action and adventure are just a few short film frames away. Now Bond is back in town and soon to be seen saving the world again in a brand new 007 epic called A View To A KillA View To A Kill. And, at last. there's a Bond computer game to go along with it! Yes, 007 comes to the small screen thanks to the people who brought you Eureka! Over the next couple of issues C&VG will be tracing the development of the Bond game — bringing you all the inside information on how it came to be — in THE BOND DIARY, It promises to be just as intriguing as one of the Bond plots. This issue we’ll be telling you a bit about the background to the game. Next issue we'll bring you exclusive screen shots of the game itself — and then in July G&VG will proudly present an 007 extravaganza with competitions and much more. Bet you can’t wait! In the meantime, on with the main feature . . .

It all started when Mark Strachen and Dominic Wheatley, the people who master-minded the £25,000 prize adventure game Eureka! began looking around for a follow-up.

They learned about the new Bond movie A View To A KillA View To A Kill and immediately saw the great potential for a computerised version of 007's adventures. But this time they wanted an arcade game - not an adventure. After all, Bond movies are packed with action!

They set about acquiring the licence to the movie for an as yet undisclosed fee and began looking around for a software company good enough to come up with the goods.

They chose Softstone, a relatively unknown company with the advantage of having a team of very talented programmers. Another company, called Special K, who specialise in game design and production created the story boards for the game which Softstone then began to turn into data and graphics.

The brief to Special K and Softstone was to produce four arcade style games based on stunts featured in the movie. domark struck lucky when they discovered that a friend was a film editor actually working on the Bond movie. He was quickly snapped up to help make sure the games look as close to the film as possible.

Meanwhile, that supergroup Duran Duran had been chosen to write the theme music to A View To A KillA View To A Kill - and Domark decided they wanted to use the same music on the game and set out on yet another quest for a licence. It proved successful and the Duran duran sound will be featured for the first time on a video game.

Another first for Domark is that the game will be released at the same time the Bond movie hits the cinema screens. The Ghostbusters! game came along sometime after the movie. And talking of Ghostbusters!, ace programmer and head of Activision, David Crane, has seen storyboards of the game and loves the look of it! Activision will be handling the game in the US.

The A View To A KillA View To A Kill game is  being written for the Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad and MS9C - and an Enterprise version could be on the cards.

The royal premiere of the movie will take place in London on June 12th.

What would Bond think about all this? Well, according to Mark and Dominic [Dominic + Mark = "Domark"], the current James Bond in the elegant form of Roger Moore enjoys playing computer games. We hope to bring you his views of the 007 game!

Next issue we'll bring you some exclusive screen shots of A View To A KillA View To A Kill plus an inside view of the programmers at work, Don't miss it!

[Source: Computer and Video Game Magazine Issue #43, May 1985, P.25.]


Security was light — but not light enough. I found an unlocked skylight and sneaked into the building. Finding the Softstone office was easy after that and my trusty set of skeleton keys did the rest.

Sifting through the paperwork I found in the wall safe, I soon had what I wanted. I slipped out the micro-camera and snapped the plans of their new project.

Swiftly I replaced the papers and left the office. I could examine the plans In comfort later. Back through the skylight and down the fire escape — narrowly avoiding a guard walking a vicious looking dog. In the car I sat back and relaxed for a moment — 007 would have been proud of the way I handled this mission...


Back at the flat I quickly developed the film and sat studying the plans for - a new video game! Had I risked life and limb for this! But soon I realised why M had sent me - the so called "game" was a bit too close to 007's last secret mission for comfort. As I examined the film, I remembered how Bond has saved the world once again...

It all started in Paris - and the game followed the movie events pretty accurately. Bond was having lunch in the Eiffel Tower with a detective when suddenly this girl bursts in and blasts the guy. Bond takes off in hot pursuit only to see the girl leap off the top of the tower. Even 007 was surprised at this sort of behaviour. But he was even more astonished to see the girl floating down on a parachute.

Bond rushed to the lift and once on ground level grabbed a taxi, hauling the driver out of the seat. He set off after the girl, who by that time was floating gently over the streets of Paris.

One-way systems and the French Police don't make for the best conditions for a fast chase. And soon Bond has a bunch of cops after him.

The game plans followed this scenario pretty closely - Bond's computer car could even make handbrake turns to avoid police road blocks! The screen display also included a tracking device based on secret service design. How did these guys get their information?

In reality, Bond reached the place where the girl was going to land and captured her. In the game, if you miss the landing, the girl - known as Mayday - gets into a car and Bond must chase her through the streets - with yet more French cops on his tail! Well there's one thing they got wrong. Bond ALWAYS gets the girl.

Still, in this case, Bond extracted some secrets from Mayday before she escaped him again - and as a result he dahsed off to San Francisco where more mayhem awaited him. He got trapped in City Hall which had been set on fire by another evil villain! The game got this bit right too. The designers call it an arcade adventure. Bond called it something else afterwards - unprintable of course.

The game plan follows Bond's bit to escape from the burning building pretty closely - even down to having him help a beautiful Blonde escape from the flames. Programmers notes say that the girl may well talk. Someone has been talking already!

Bond had to find the security code to escape from the building - and this part of the game includes that. Too close to the real thing.

From the information he picked up at City Hall, Bond knew he had to get to a mine where there was a bomb. If the bomb went off, the whole world would be endangered. True to form he dashed into the unknown and down the mine - and that's where the programmer's notes went into a code I couldn't crack. This was a job for our code breakers back at HQ.

So what had we got? A video game in three parts based on some real exploits of the world's best secret agent with great graphics and sound. Who was close enough to Bond to know all this? There must be a Mole in MI6! My next job must be to find him...

Next: All is revealed!

[Source: Computer and Video Game Magazine Issue #44, June 1985, P.106.]

James Bond'S A View To A Thrill

Domark's game, created by the Softstone programmers, faithfully follows the plot of A View To A KillA View To A Kill. It's a three part arcade adventure game with an explosive ending!

The first part of the game takes place in the streets of Paris — you play the part of Bond who drives off in hot pursuit of Mayday, a young lady who has just parachuted off the top of the Eiffel Tower!

The one-way system of the Paris streets may hold you up — but the French cops are more of a problem as they chase after you!

Your aim is to get to the place where the girl lands and extract some vital information from her which will help you save the world! Well. America anyway...

Part two of the game takes place in San Francisco's City Hall — which has mysteriously caught fire. Your job is to escape the flames — but first you have to rescue a beautiful Bond girl and solve some puzzles along the way. The third part happens underground in a mine where the super-villain has planted a bomb which will destroy half of sunnv California if it detonates. Your job as Bond is to defuse the bomb and rescue Mayday, who has suddenly become one of the good guys!

The game will be available for the Spectrum, C64. Amstrad and the Enterprise and is on sale now!

But before you rush out to buy the game or see the film — enter our A View To A KillA View To A Kill competition — you might just win yourself a brand new Enterprise computer!

You've admired our front cover, gasped at our giant free 007 poster which fell out at your feet when you opened this extremely special issue of C&VG — and now you can win an exclusive C&VG James Bond prize, thanks to our friends at Domark.

Domark, the people who brought you Eureka, are all set to launch an exciting trio of arcade games based on the brand new Bond movie A View To A KillA View To A Kill.

C&VG has been bringing you top secret information about the new 007 game over the last couple of months. And now we’re offering YOU the chance to win a special Bond prize.

-A View To A KillA View To A Kill will be the first real blockbuster game available for the new Enterprise micro — and we’re offering an Enterprise 128 computer as first prize in our spectacular A View To A KillA View To A Kill competition.

Answer the James Bond Intelligence Test below and rush your entry form to Computer & Video Games, James Bond Competition. Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane. Ixmdon EC1R 3AU. before the closing date July 16th.

The winner will receive an Enterprise 128 computer, plus a special Domark A View To A KillA View To A Kill t-shirt and a copy of the theme tune by supergroup Duran Duran.

Twenty-five runners-up will get a Domark/A View To A KillA View To A Kill t-shirt plus a copy of the Duran Duran single. And all you have to do is answer these simple questions...


1. Name the writer who created James Bond.

2. Name any two actors who have played the part of 007 on the big screen.

3. GoldfingerGoldfinger, OctopussyOctopussy, The Eiger Sanction, ThunderballThunderball. For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only, Never Say Never AgainNever Say Never Again. Which is the odd one out?

4. Name the Bond film which featured the NASA Space Shuttle.

5. James Bond works for a special branch of the British Intelligence Service. What is it called?

Domark presents YOU as... 007 A View To A KillA View To A Kill The computer Game.

From 7th June,

YOU will become James Bond in his first arcade/adventure on Spectrum 48K, Commodore 64, Enterprise 64 and watch out for Amstrad, MSX and others

© Eon Productions Ltd Glidrose Publications Ltd 1985 Domark Ltd., 204 Worple Road London SW20 8PN Tel: 01-947 5624 Telex: 894475 G

Order Your Copy Now!

[Source: Computer and Video Game Magazine Issue #45, July 1985, P.12-13.]

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